Make Memories Last

Keepsake Jewellery gives us the opportunity to memorialise those special memories- the birth of a child, a new mums breastfeeding journey, sad losses that we encounter, a first curl – capturing precious DNA samples allows us to create modern heirloom jewellery that can be passed down to future generations.

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Bespoke Pieces Made For You

We offer a handmade service, which means everything you see has been individually hand crafted, and can be tailored to suit your personal taste. All our materials are of the highest quality to ensure your jewellery is something you love and will treasure forever.  Our DNA Keepsake Jewellery pieces are modern heirlooms, and as such are timeless. Working with loved ones Ashes, Breastmilk, Umbilical Cord and Hair we offer the opportunity to capture memories, symbols of love and the special bond that you share with another.


What our clients think:

Once again thank you so much for bringing a little piece of my dad back to me. I feel so emotional every time I look at it and can’t express enough my gratitude for taking such good care and creating something so beautiful. Forever grateful and thankful to have found your little company. 

What our clients think:

Unbelievably happy with my ring, exactly what I was hoping for. So pure and delicate. Thank you so much! 

What our clients think:

I received my ring today, oh my it’s beautiful, such an amazing keepsake from a very special breastfeeding journey. Thank you for the opportunity to create this wonderful piece.
Thank you again.